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New Batch Starting From 3rd August
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Learn Everything From Scratch

Live Problem Solving

In every 3 hours live session, along with learning, you will be solving problems live to get better and clear understanding of the concept.

Daily Doubt Support

Get 1-1 Chat Support for Doubt Clearance daily between 6PM - 12PM. Also get Live Doubt Support over Zoom Meeting between 8PM-9PM

Practical Learning

Along with the Live sessions, get Assignments & Quizzes to practice your skill and boost your confidence.

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What Are You Getting?

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You are going to get a Super Interactive Learning Experience in this program. You can unmute yourself in the live sessions and ask your doubts and mentor will clear all of your doubts. Also you are getting Peer-to-Peer learning & problem solving that means you can also connect with other students and learn together. From understanding Programming syntax to perfectly building Logic and doing Pro level Data Analysis, you will get everything in this program.


Week 1: Overview of python course, Intro to python, usecases, google colab, print statement, comment, variables, datatypes, typecasting, indexing, slicing, string operations, math functions

Week 2: Data Structures introduction, lists, conditional statements

Week 3:  loops, functions, tuples, set , dictionary

Week 4:  list comprehension, dict & set comprehension, recursion, file handling, error handling, introduction to OOPS

Week 5: Basics of Regex, intro to numpy, list vs numpy, numpy array indexing, numpy array reshaping, numpy slicing operations, numpy view vs copy, numpy hstack vs vstack, numpy concatenation, numpy insert append delete

Week 6:  intro to pandas, pandas series, pandas dataframe, pandas concatenation, apply method, indexing dataframe(loc, iloc), pandas groupby, pandas date range  

Week 7: Intro to data cleaning, Nan cases, missing values treatment, Imputation techniques, intro to EDA, matplotlib, seaborn, example using case study

Math And Statistics

Week 8:
- Algebra    
- Introduction to algebraic equations and expressions    
- Linear equations and systems of equations    
- Exponents and logarithms

- Discrete Mathematics  
- Combinatorics and probability

Week 9:
- Descriptive Statistics    
- Measures of central tendency (mean, median, mode)  
- Measures of dispersion (variance, standard deviation)    
- Data visualization (histograms, boxplots, scatter plots)

- Inferential Statistics  
- Probability distributions (normal, binomial, Poisson, etc.)  
- Sampling and sampling distributions  
- Hypothesis testing (t-tests, chi-square tests)

Week 10:
- Correlation and Regression Analysis  
- Correlation coefficients (Pearson, Spearman)    
- Simple linear regression    
- Multiple linear regression

- Statistical Inference    
- Confidence intervals    
- Analysis of variance (ANOVA)

Basics of Machine Learning

Week 11: Overview of machine learning concepts
- Types of machine learning: supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement learning
- Applications of machine learning in various industries

Week 12: Introduction to linear regression    
- Simple linear regression: modeling relationships    
- Multiple linear regression: handling multiple variables

Week 13:
- Model evaluation and metrics  
- Mean squared error (MSE), root mean squared error (RMSE)    
- Coefficient of determination (R-squared)

- Techniques for improving regression models    
- Feature selection and engineering    
- Regularization methods (Lasso, Ridge)

Week 14:
- Introduction to logistic regression    
- Understanding binary and multi-class classification problems

- Model interpretation and evaluation    
- Confusion matrix and classification metrics (accuracy, precision, recall, F1-score)    
- ROC curve and area under the curve (AUC)

Week 15: Practical implementation    
- Building logistic regression models using Python

MS Excel

Week 16: Introduction to Excel , Basic Excel interface overview , Data Types , Applying Calculation, Relative and Absolute Cell Reference, Calculation Order Preference, Handling Cell Error, Functions

Week 17: Modifying Spreadsheets, Formatting the Spreadsheets, Conditional Formatting , Illustrations and Column Chart, Different Chart Types, Print Command , Excel Templates , Sort

Week 18: Filters and Subtotal, Custom Sort, Format as a Table, Duplicates Rows Treatment, DSUM , Other Functions , Subtotal Function

Week 19: Data Validation, Pivot Table, Modifying Pivot Table , Introduction to Power Pivot, Joining Sheets in Power Pivot, KPI in Power Pivot, Advanced Lookup Functions 

Week 20: - Advanced Text Functions ,  Formula Audit ,  Introduction to Macros , Macro Recording, Editing Macro with VBA , Creating Macro Button , Ways of Running Macro , Dashboard Visualization


Week  21: Introduction to BI and Power BI , Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Donut Chart, Funnel Chart,  Ribbon Chart, Line Chart, Area Chart , Combo Chart, Scatter, Waterfall, Treemap Charts , Maps, Filled Maps

Week 22: Tables, Conditional Formatting, Matrix , Gauge Chart, Multirow Cards, Filter, Drill, Slicer, Animated Bar Chart, Word Cloud, Sunburst ,  Plyaxis, Scroller, Infographics ,  Inserting Objects in Power BI: Text, Image, Shapes

Week 23: Creating Reports in Power BI, Publishing in Power BI , Power BI Dashboard, How to Refresh Data in Power BI ,  Power Query Introduction , Adding/Removing Rows, Text Add-Columns-Transform Column 

Week  24: Number Function, From Date Add Column Transform Column , Appending Sheets, Merging Sheets, Columns from Example, Conditional Column ,  Fill, GroupBy, Transpose , Keep and Remove Columns and Rows , Importing Dataset to SQL and Connecting to Power BI 

Week  25: Creating and Deleting Relationships , Normalization 1NF, 2NF, 3NF , Denormalization, OLTP vs OLAP ,  Data Types and Operators ,  Intro to DAX, Date Function, Text Function, Logical Function,  Introduction to M Language and List Tools , Custom Tools in M Language, Creating Your Own Query in M Language

Week 26: How to Use Python Script in Power BI , How to Use R Script in Power BI , Importing Data from SQL , Importing Data from OData , Connecting from Web Data , Intro to RLS , Static RLS, Dynamic RLS , Enhanced RLS , RLS with Manager Access


Week 27: Introduction to databases, ACID Properties, Data types in SQL,  MYSQL Workbench, DDL, DML,  Constraints, Where Clause, Group By clause, Having Clause, Order by, Top, Limit

Week 28: Subqueries, Joins(Inner join, Left outer join, Right outer join, Full outer join, self join, Cross join), String transformation, Date time manipulation, Case When Statements, Common Table Expressions (CTE & Recursive CTE)

Week 29:  Window Functions(Aggregate Functions, Row number, Rank, Dense Rank, Percent Rank, Ntile, Lag, Lead, First value, Last value, nth_value), Stored Procedures,  TCL(Commit, Rollback, Savepoint), Views

Data Analytics Projects

Week 30:
1. Census Salary Data Analysis
2. Supply Chain Analytics
3. IPL Data Analysis
4. COVID 19 Analysis
5. Loan Application Analysis
6. Superstore Analysis

#Additional Resources And Bonus

Tableau (Self-Paced)

Introduction to Tableau , Tableau Installation , User Interface , Dimensions and Measures, How to Prepare Charts using Tableau, Line Charts, Combined Axis and Area Charts , Dual Axis Charts

Working with Data , Properties of Fields , Dimension Filters ,  Measure Filters , Visual Filters, Sets , Parameters , Groups , Calculated Fields 

Date Functions,  Text Functions , Bins and Histogram , Sort Function 

Introduction to Dashboard , Objects in Dashboard , Filters in Dashboard , Actions , Dashboard for Mobile , Story , Dashboard Interactivity 

Union, Joins , Data Blending,  Fixed LOD , Include LOD , Exclude LOD , Advanced Techniques 

Job Hunting Hacks

You will be learning about other online job portals hack that will increase your chances to getting call for interviews. It covers Naukri, AngelList, Hirect etc. 400+ Interview Question and Answers are covered in this package of Data Analytics Interview QnA PDF set.

General Aptitude

Some companies keep first round as aptitude to check thinking skills. In this course we have covered aptitude topics with their examples which are widely asked in aptitude round of interviews. This course is divided into Quantitative, logical and verbal aptitude sections. It will help learners to build logic on all 3 levels of aptitude.

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Data Analytics Live Course Placement Assistance Program is intended to help you make your dream career a reality. This is not just another program, this is the best career guidance available in India.

When others are charging Lakh of Rupees for courses, our vision is to provide Industry Oriented courses @ most affordable price so everyone can learn. To get you placed, we have included some amazing features in this program mentioned below:

# Industrial Internship Opportunity

After completion of the Core Topics, you can apply for Industrial Internship. You will be working on various projects that will boost up your confidence and give you Real World Industrial Working Experience that you can mention in your resume. It can be 1 Month Internship with CloudyML. Based on your performance we can increase the internship period. You will get Certificate of Internship.

# Student's Profile Optimization

Along with helping you to improve your CV through Resume Review, we will optimize your LinkedIn profile. You will become a more qualified applicant and increase your chances of being chosen for job interviews.

# Job Opening & Referral Mails

To keep you informed, we will regularly email you about new Job Openings. Additionally, you will get employment recommendations (Job Referrals) for placements. Your job search will become simpler than ever.

# Company Tie-up Interview

We have connections with many data science companies and will conduct direct interviews for placement after the completion of your course. This is an another advantage of participating in this Data Analytics Placement Assistance Program.

# Unlimited Mock Interview Session

You will have the opportunity to participate in an unlimited number of mock interview sessions with industry experts. It will sharpen your mind, give you more clarity, and prepare you for interviews. You can start giving the Mock Interviews after completing the Core Topics from the course.

# Pay After Placement Program

We will give you dedicated placement assistance from our team to land you on your dream job. When others are charging more than 2 Lakhs, here in CloudyML you have to pay Rs.50,000 after getting a job with the help of our team.

After completing the course, if you get job by your own then you do not have to pay us anything.

Minimum we can guarantee 6LPA for freshers. For experienced people we can provide minimum 20% hike if they have 2 years of relevant experience ( or if they are able to show 2 years of experience). If you will get anything lesser then you do not have to pay us anything.

You will be signing a Pay-After-Placement Agreement with us after your course completion and we will start finding your dream jobs for you.

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New Batch Starting From 3rd August


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✅ 1-1 Doubt Clearance Support
✅ Industrial Internship Offer
✅ Master Job Hunting Hacks
✅ Linkedin & Resume Review
✅ Job Openings & Referrals
✅ Company Tie-up Interview
✅ 100% Placement Assistance
✅ Unlimited Mock Interviews
✅ Course Completion Certificate
✅ Learning Portal Access for 1 Yr
✅ Access To Discord Community

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Meet The Course Designer

Hi! this is Akash Raj & I'm a Data Scientist & Founder of CloudyML.

I have transitioned my career from Manual Tester to Data Scientist by upskilling myself on my own from various online resources and doing lots of Hands-on practice. For internal switch I sent around 150 mails to different project managers, interviewed in 20 and got selected in 10 projects.When it came to changing company I put papers with NO offers in hand. And in the notice period I struggled to get a job. First 2 months were very difficult but in the last month things started changing miraculously.I attended 40+ interviews in span of 3 months with the help of Naukri and LinkedIn profile Optimizations and got offer by 8 companies.

Based on my career transition and industrial experience, I have designed this course so anyone from any background can learn Data Science and become Job-Ready at affordable price.

Meet Your Other Course Faculties

Rahul Mishra

Rahul Mishra Data Scientist @CloudyML

Sajal Soni

Data Scientist @IBM | ex-TCS

Ashish Kumar

Data Engineer @ ADI || MTech (CSE) @ IIT Bhubaneswar || Ex-Research Intern @IIT KGP

Venu Gopal

Data Scientist @ Karza Technologies

Deekshant Kapoor

Data Scientist @ Paypal

Sweta kumari

Software Engineer (Machine Learning) @ Teradata

Why You Should Learn Data Analytics?

Fastest Career Growth

Attractive Compensation

Increasing Demand

Versatility Across Industries

Impact Businesses Directly

Suitable even for Non-Tech People

Get Everything @ 15999+gst
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For Whom this course is?

➡ College Students planning to learn Data Analytics from scratch and do internship.

➡ IT freshers planning to get into Data Analytics projects.

➡ IT experienced person planning to switch to Data Science profile.

➡ People from non-coding background can learn from this course to become Data Analyst, Business Analyst, PowerBI Developer, Tableau Developer, BI Developer etc

➡ Anyone who wanna get industrial level advanced knowledge from scratch and do internship to gain more experience.

Is This Course Up To Industry Standard?

A BIG, YES. In our course, we have covered everything which is used in the industry and asked in the interviews. Not only that, we have made this course for complete Hands-On Practical Learning Experience with Super Interactive Live Sessions, Assignments, Industrial End-to-End Projects and Case Studies so learners can get full confidence in their skills from scratch. A lot of our learners (from various backgrounds) have successfully switched to Data Science & Analytics Domain after completing our courses and their success stories & reviews are mentioned on this website. Career growth techniques and hacks are also covered in this package e.g. LinkedIn-Naukri-Angel-Hirect etc growth, HR Round Questions, Mock Interview Videos, Salary Negotiation etc that help our learner to get a perfect Job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How CloudyML is different from any other online learning platform?

⦿ We provide complete hands-on practical learning experience to our learners which we are doing through our structured tutorial videos and most importantly Assignment & Projects Driven Courses that you will not get anywhere.

⦿ Our vision is to provide courses are Most Affordable Price so anyone from any background can learn from it. Nowhere you will get such valuable contents and features in a single course at such price.

⦿ We provide 1-1 Chat Support for Doubt Clearance daily so learners can study smoothly and fast. Other institutes provide support over Email or provide only online community based support which is not that much beneficial..

⦿ We keep tracking our learners progress and also connect with them over Call/Chat to guide them and help them to achieve their goals.

I don't have coding background or experience in IT as such how this will help me ?

This course has been designed keeping beginners in mind. You will be able to learn as we start from basics. We have many learners doing this course who had no prior coding experience.

In fact, 50% of our learners are from non-coding background like mechanical, civil, commerce, arts, MBA, BCA, bio-tech, etc and they are getting jobs and other benefits after completing this course.

What is the course duration?

It is a 6 Months live program. Every Saturday & Sunday there will be 3 Hours live session. Also you will get recording of the course with 1 Year access of the content.

What is the method of learning?

You will be learning from Live sessions and also get Hands-on assignments for practice. You can also revise your learning from the recording videos which will be available in your app and web portal. If you are stuck somewhere then you can reach to our mentors. They are available from 6P.M to 9A.M Midnight everyday.  Between 8PM to 9PM, the Teaching Assistants will be also available over Live Zoom Meeting for Doubt Clearance. 

Who will be my Teaching Assistant?

We will assign you Industry Experienced Data Analyst & Business Analyst from our team who will be taking your classes and also will resolve all of your doubts and queries.

How the Data Analytics projects look like?

There will be live Project in this program along with that other projects will be present in the form of guided assignments. Assignments have instructions and you have to write the code based on these instructions. In our Data Analytics case studies, you will be solving projects using Python, Tableau, PowerBi, SQL, Excel etc.

When I can start my internship with CloudyML?

After completing the course, you can apply for the internship part from your course portal. There will be one basic interview to test your skills and also we will check your submitted assignments. If you will pass in this process then you can instantly start your remote internship with CloudyML or in our tie-up companies.

Do you also provide the placement ?

Yes. You will receive Placement Assistance as a part of the course. The course focuses on skill development of the learners so they can crack any Data Science Interview. But this course will make you ready for the market because of our Job Hunting Course. You will learn how to grow Linkedin, Naukri, Angel and how to find jobs from there. Also you will be able to answer all the HR Round Question, be it Career Gap, Salary Negotiation, etc.

Is this one time payment or monthly subscription ?

It’s one time payment and you will get enrolled in the live course. Also you will get one year access to this course recording of the Live Sessions along with the assignments & projects.

Do you have refund policy?

We do not have refund policy. Please visit our page for more details

Course Completion Certificate

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