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Kickstart Your Career In Data Analytics By Mastering Python Programming

🟡 4-Weeks Super Interactive Program
🟡 Live Problem Solving In Sessions
🟡 Anyone From Any Domain Can Join
🟡 1-1 Doubt Support Everyday

Get Unique features

Learn Everything From Scratch

Live Problem Solving

In every 3 hours live session, along with learning, you will be solving problems live to get better and clear understanding of the concept.

Daily Doubt Support

Get 1-1 Chat Support for Doubt Clearance daily between 6PM - 12PM. Also get Live Doubt Support over Zoom Meeting between 8PM-9PM

Practical Learning

Along with the Live sessions, get Assignments & Quizzes to practice your skill and boost your confidence.

Course Curriculum

Even if you've never coded before, our 4-Week Intensive Bootcamp Program will turn you into a PRO.

Week 1

Day 1 - Intro to Programming, Python basis Syntax, variables, print, if-else
Day 2 - Nested if-else,logic building, intro to loops

Week 2

Day 3 - Undertanding for loops, Problems on for loops, while loop, break, continue
Day 4 - Nested loops, lot of problems on Pattern printing

Week 3

Day 5 - Functions, Class Objects
Day 6 -
Data Structures (Lists, Sets, Tuple, Dictionary)

Week 4

Day 7 - Data Analysis on Titanic Dataset (Project)
Day 8 -
Data Analysis on Titanic Dataset cont., PPT

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Why You Should Learn Python?

Ease of Learning

Python is known for its simple and readable syntax, making it an ideal programming language for beginners. It's often recommended as a first programming language.


Python is used in many areas such as web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, scientific computing, and more. Its versatility makes it a valuable skill for a wide range of professions.

Large Community and Support

With a vast community of developers, finding support, tutorials, and documentation is easy. This community support makes learning and troubleshooting more accessible.

Rich Ecosystem of Libraries

Python boasts an extensive range of libraries and frameworks, such as Django for web development and Pandas for data analysis, which simplifies and speeds up the development process.

Compatibility and Portability

Python integrates well with other languages and systems, and it's compatible with major platforms and operating systems, enhancing its usability in diverse environments.

Automation and Scripting

Python is excellent for automating repetitive tasks and scripting, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing the likelihood of human error.

Innovation in Technology

Python plays a significant role in cutting-edge fields like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data, making it an essential tool for modern technological innovation.

Academic and Research Applications

In academia, Python is widely used for scientific research, complex calculations, and academic projects due to its simplicity and powerful libraries.


Python For Data Analytics Bootcamp Live Program

Learn Python from scratch to become an expert.

₹10,000 ₹3,999+gst

3 Hours Weekly Live Sessions

Live Problem Solving in Session

Get Session Recording

Assignments & Quizzes for practice

1-1 Daily Doubt Support Over Chat

8-9PM Live Doubt Solving over Zoom

Learning Portal Access for 1 year

Python Interview QnA PDF Collection

Course Completion Certificate

Access To Discord Community

Get Everything @ ₹3,999+GSTHurry Up! Only Limited Seats Are Available

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Meet Your Mentor

Akash Raj CloudyML

Hi! This is Akash Raj & I'm a Data Scientist & Founder of CloudyML.

I have transitioned my career from Manual Tester to Data Scientist by upskilling myself on my own from various online resources and doing lots of Hands-on practice. For internal switch I sent around 150 mails to different project managers, interviewed in 20 and got selected in 10 projects.When it came to changing company I put papers with NO offers in hand. And in the notice period I struggled to get a job. First 2 months were very difficult but in the last month things started changing miraculously.I attended 40+ interviews in span of 3 months with the help of Naukri and LinkedIn profile Optimizations and got offer by 8 companies.

Based on my career transition and industrial experience, I have designed this course so anyone from any background can learn Data Science and become Job-Ready at affordable price.

For Whom this course is?

Non-Tech Students

Coding Background Students

People working in IT Domain

People from Non-IT Domain

Data Analyst/Business Analyst

Data Science Enthusiast

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